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Reel Experiences

Your movie, the way you want to watch it

There's something for every lifestyle at Reel Cinemas. Our Platinum Suites are the height of luxury. Little ones will be right at home in Reel Junior. For foodies, there's Dine-in Cinema. And if it's all about the action, we've got all the latest tech: Dolby Cinema, ScreenX and MX4D.

The World's most luxurious cinema experience

Enjoy the ultimate in comfort and convenience. Relax in the pre-movie lounge, choose from a 5-star food and drinks menu, then settle into your reclining leather seat with blankets, pillows and a personal butler on call.

Get closer to the action than ever

Enjoy the most captivating, cinematic event of your life, with state-of-the-art image and sound technology from Dolby immersing you in the majestic sights and epic sounds of every scene.

Where little film fans feel right at home

The cinema designed just for little ones has quirky and comfy beanbag seats for your child to relax in, with a choice of special kiddie combo meals to keep them well fed. They'll never want to watch a film any other way.

A restaurant and cinema rolled into one

A dream for foodies, this new concept lets you indulge yourself with restaurant-prepared culinary delights, served to your diner-style seats, while you enjoy the latest blockbusters on the big-screen.

It's time to get comfortable

You'll never wriggle with Reel Premier, thanks to wider, comfier seats and extra leg room. So upgrade your seating, relax right back and stretch your legs perfectly just as the action begins.

Because some movies are too big to contain

You've never experienced anything like ScreenX, which allows the movie to escape the main screen and onto the side walls of the theatre for an incredible 270 degrees of action.

Sophisticated cinema in casual-chic surroundings

As laid-back as cinema gets! You can watch anything from Hollywood and Bollywood blockbusters to sports and regional cinema, in a much more intimate setting than usual, and on comfy sofa-style seats. We have speciality beverages too!

Feel the on-screen action for real

4D cinema takes is the most immersive experience of your life, with seat jolts during on-screen explosions, wind blowing in your face as the pace picks up and water spraying when there's a downpour or sea scene.

The traditional cinema experience

Choose from standard cinema seating closer to the screen or comfier seats near the back of the theatre that recline a little. We also offer classic cinema snacks like popcorn, hotdogs, nachos, soft drinks and combo offers!

The definitive destination for performing arts in Dubai

Dubai Opera is an iconic 2000 seat multi-format venue, offering the ultimate flexibility of a proscenium arch theatre, an acoustic concert hall and a 2000m2 flat floor event space. Enjoy an incredible array of world-class talent, with opera, ballet and classical music concerts and productions at the core, as well as musical theatre, jazz, comedy, family shows, film screenings and a full range of live entertainment.